7 Tips to Pick the Best Hosting Provider

7 Tips to Pick the Best Hosting Provider

What is Web Hosting?

How does web hosting work?

How to pick a web host?

1. Know What You Want in your hosting service

1. Shared Hosting is Great for Tiny to Medium Sites

2. VPS Hosting Offers More Flexibility for Fast-Growing Sites

3. Dedicated Hosting Proposes Maximum Server Resources and Security

2. Determine What kind of Site You’re Building

1. Blog: Check out a WordPress Web Host

2. Online Store: Check out an eCommerce Hosting Service

3. Online Portfolio or Résumé: Check out a Website Builder

4. Personal Site: Consider a Low-Cost, High-Value Host

3. Reliability and speed

4. Storage and RAM

5. Upgrading options

6. Security

7. Customer support